Pavilion Books (for Batsford titles) 

Bloomsbury Publishing (includes Berg titles) 

Daphne Bullard, Kathy Callow and Elizabeth Hammond Association
This group of trusts really make a difference to small collections needing funds for conservation of dress, textiles and social history material. Information can be found via:

Chertsey Museum
Visit, join the Friends and order: Fashion in Focus 1600 – 2009, Treasures from the Olive Matthews Collection – an excellent book about a museum fashion collection.

Costume Society
Friendly, accessible group for anyone interested in the history of costume, dress and fashion; with events for like-minded members, and first-rate publications online or in paper formats.

For museum professionals and others who curate collections of dress and textiles – with excellent online publications for members and non-members.

John Cumming
My in-house homeopath.

Museums Association
The professional body for all museum staff who want training, information, publications and funding advice.

Recommended – Buy, enjoy and read

Jasper Barry, The Second Footman, Matador 2013

Jasper Barry, That Deplorable Boy, Troubador 2018

Mireille Galinou, Cottages and Villas, The Birth of the Garden Suburb, Yale 2010

Mireille Galinou, The Dulwich Notebook, Your London Publishing 2015

Mireille Galinou, The Streatham Sketchbook, Your London Publishing 2017

John Cumming & Richard Hickie, How to Manage Your Own Block of Flats, College of Estate Management, 2004 (2nd edition)

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